What we do

A new breed of corporate finance advisory

We are Pinq Mango Capital Partners; a corporate finance advisory that puts people first. We believe that by understanding the motivations, biases, habits, and emotions of your stakeholders and customers, you’ll discover the key to building a sustainable business.
By combining behavioural science-based strategic advice with bespoke financial solutions, we can offer you unique advantages in realising your business growth ambitions.

Strategic advisory

Dealing with value creation should be a constant focus for any forward-thinking CEO and board.

However, the rules of the game have changed; intangible assets have surpassed tangible assets as key value drivers, and the majority of companies are actually destroying their own value as they grow. Building a truly valuable company requires human-centric thinking, inspiring and decisive leadership, engaged employees, deep market knowledge, and a focus on sustainable growth.

At Pinq Mango Capital Partners, we develop actionable strategies and innovative financial solutions to help you future-proof your company. We enable you to stay ahead of the game, and optimise the growth of your company for long-term success.

Our purpose

Corporate Finance

Financial transactions are the fuel that drives business growth. Your growth might involve hiring new talent, purchasing or building new platforms, developing new processes, educating employees, or merging/acquiring with another company. These strategies all share the same prerequisite; additional capital.

For business growth to succeed, the structure of the financing has to align with your strategy. We believe that it’s critical to take a holistic view that encompasses the needs and desires of all stakeholders, aligns incentives, and enables your company’s long-term value growth.

At Pinq Mango Capital Partners, we advise on, and assist with, the execution of a variety of financial transactions. Whether you require additional funding, want to buy, sell, or merge your company, or want to prepare for a listing on the stock exchange, we provide you with the advice and execution you need to ensure an optimal outcome.

We offer a smooth journey, from idea inception to transaction completion, and we always focus on your company’s long-term value as our primary goal.

People first

Business is by people, for people. Pinq Mango Capital Partners understands the value of working with the right people to generate the best results.

We apply this thinking when we are hiring internal advisors and associates, but also when we are selecting our clients.

Long-term business relationships are built upon trust and mutual respect, which are generated from integrity, decisiveness, competence, and vision. That’s why we look for those traits in everyone we choose to work with.

By putting people first, we believe that we’ll have better and stronger business relationships, and be able to offer unique insights and value to our clients.

Behavioural science

Stakeholder behaviour can either be sand or oil in the machinery of your growth strategy.

We know that people’s behaviour and biases have more impact on culture and results than the purely rational models from traditional financial theory.
Emotional experiences usually trump reason, even in business, so we don’t see strategy and financial transactions as cold, calculated mathematical exercises, but as an extension of the social sciences.

Rather than seeing the irrationality of stakeholder behaviour as an obstacle to overcome, we see it as an opportunity to create value and improve outcomes. By basing our thinking on behavioural science, Pinq Mango Capital Partners are able to “optimise for reality” and deliver results way above your expectations.

Our purpose: true value growth

Most businesses destroy value as they grow. Creating sustainable growth and seeing businesses – and their people – thrive, is the reason we do what we do. We love solving complex problems, and take great pride in helping our clients build valuable and resilient companies that are ready to meet the socio-economic challenges of the future.

This requires stamina and persistence. For this we see long term relations as a foundation for our engagements.



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